Ten years of freedom

16th September 2002

A celebration of the tenth anniversary of the liberation of the British economy on 'Black Wednesday' 16th September 1992

It is ten years to the day since Britain left the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), a black day for federalists, but a liberation and new beginning for the British people.

As a direct result of the stupidity of those in thrall to the European Union the economy shrank by nearly four per cent and we suffered dramatic increases in interest rates, which reached 15%, the effect on mortgage repayments costing thousands their homes. Unemployment rose to 1.2 million, bankruptcies soared and countless businesses were destroyed. All this after just two years within the ERM

Since the day we left the British economy has been free to operate without the ridiculous constraints imposed upon those who remained, and who have now irrevocably signed away control over their economies by joining the single currency. We have seen a degree of economic success of which we could only dream while locked into the ERM:

Yet the same people who gave us the disaster of the ERM now want us to join its big brother, the Euro, this time trapping us permanently in a burning house with no exits

As we celebrate our freedom we must resolve that we shall never sign up to the single currency which, as well as being an economic disaster for Britain, is in reality a political project, devised by those who want the independent, democratic member nations to become provinces of a single European state.

If the UK were to become a full member of the single currency, it would mean:

(September 2002)