Public Services or the Euro?

Most people in this country want to see improvements in public services but these will not happen while we remain within the European Union.

Britain needs:

The EU wants:

The European Commission has already tried to prevent the UK from making plans to spend more on public services and membership of the single currency would ensure that they succeed.

The EU is a corporatist racket that makes it easy for multi-national companies to exploit workers throughout its member states, while the sovereignty of these states is seriously undermined, putting us all at the mercy of a vast, faceless bureaucracy.

We pay at least 10 billion pounds in contributions to the EU every year, simply because it is in the self-interest of the political class that we remain a member of this undemocratic monster. With that sort of money we could build many more hospitals and schools as well as provide our retired people with a decent basic state pension.

EU rules mean still more public spending cuts dictated by Brussels, and thus even higher unemployment and deeper poverty. The so-called Social Chapter has not helped Britain; it has not even restored the rights and benefits that workers enjoyed over a quarter of a century ago.

If we want to spend money on teachers, doctors, nurses and our pensioners rather than throw it away on Brussels bureaucrats and junkets for politicians, we must leave the EU and take back the power to determine our own policies and level of public spending.

The EU is undemocratic, inefficient and riddled with fraud

Joining the Euro would mean:

Did you know?

(November 2001)