No to the EU constitution

The British electorate is to be asked to vote in a referendum on a Constitution for Europe. We are at a crossroads in our relationship with the EU. We will be told that it is in our best interests to support the Constitution but do not be fooled; it is the final building block in the country called Europe, in which we would ultimately become just a province. Vote NO to any European Constitution.

How Would the Constitution Affect Britain?

Law and Order

Article III, 172 - "European framework laws may establish minimum rules concerning the rights of individuals in criminal procedures"

The EU wants us to be part of a single legal area, in which our Common Law would have to be replaced by the Napoleonic code of Corpus Juris. This would end our right to trial by jury, habeas corpus and even the presumption of innocence. This means that a British citizen could be arrested within the UK, on the order of a judge elsewhere in the EU, imprisoned in a foreign jail, refused the right to appear before a court, be presumed guilty and finally tried by professional judges, without the right to be heard by a jury.

Foreign Affairs and Defence

Article III, 225 - "The Union may conclude agreements with one or more third countries or international organisations. Agreements concluded by the Union are binding upon its Member States"

Article 15 - The Union's competence in matters of common foreign and security policy shall cover all areas and all questions relating to the Union's security. Member states shall actively and unreservedly support the Union's common foreign and security policy in a spirit of loyalty and mutual solidarity and shall comply in this area"

There would be a President of Europe who could take precedence over all heads of state, a new EU foreign minister would negotiate treaties, while the proposal has been made that both Britain and France could lose their seats on the UN security council. We are no longer able to speak for ourselves on trade and in future would be unable to decide when and where our Armed Forces can be deployed, so our young people might be sent to die on the orders of Brussels.

Economic Policy

Article III, 62 - "European Law shall lay down measures for the harmonisation of legislation concerning turnover taxes, excise duties and other forms of indirect taxation"

Article 14 - The Union shall ensure co-ordination of the economic and employment policies of the member States"

The implications of these clauses are horrendous. Brussels would be able to direct VAT to be added to goods and services, which are currently exempt, such as children's clothes. They would also be able to cancel our 3 billion pounds per year rebate and force us to adopt the Euro without a referendum. They would also take over our oil and gas as 'common resources' as they have already done with our fishing grounds.

The EU Constitution is the Greatest Threat to our Country Since the Second World War

Loss of Independence

Article 10 - The Constitution and law adopted by the Union's institutions in exercising competences conferred on it, shall have primacy over the law of the member states"

This clause is the death knell of the nation states within the EU as it abolishes the current requirement that directives from Brussels must be consented to by Parliament. Once adopted the Constitution would mean that all our laws were produced, not by our elected representatives in Westminster, but by bureaucrats in Brussels.

The Choice We Face

We have been lied to for decades about the European project. It was always intended to result in a single European state, ruled by the appointed bureaucrats of the European Commission, whose decisions will be enforced by the European Court, a body that bears no relation to what we would consider a court of law, as it is totally committed to supporting the institutions of the EU.

The political elite who have been telling us that the EU is only about trade can no longer claim this to be true for an organisation which has its own anthem, flag, currency and parliament and seeks its own army, police force, president and foreign minister. None of these things are needed for trade - we trade with the rest of the world without the need to accept these trappings of a separate state. The reality is that the EU is a completely undemocratic organization, steeped in corruption, whose policies are turning Europe into an economic wasteland.

We must ignore the self-interested politicians who tell us we should continue down the road of European integration. They are only afraid of losing their seats on the gravy train, which provides them with well paid rest cures in Brussels and allows them to feel important at pan European meetings.

Reject Any Constitution for Europe - It would be the final betrayal of our country and our democracy,

(May 2004)