Britain - An Ever Open Door?

Control of labour migration is the duty of any responsible government

Some people say that unlimited migration is good for the economy. It may be good for firms in the short term. It drives wages down through creating competition with the local workforce. Labour migration to the UK is out of control because it is a principle of the EU that free movement must be allowed, regardless of the social costs of such a policy.

It is not so good for people, as most would sooner find work in their own countries. Any economist with experience of this subject will tell you that mass migration by low-skilled workers will push down the wages of those already low-paid people in this country and probably force them out of work.

In the long term, it is not so good for businesses. The social costs of health care, housing and education for the families of migrants must be paid from taxes - both on people and businesses. In any economic turn-down, these costs will be vastly increased by the presence of large numbers of recent migrants, chargeable on the state.

Businesses which would have invested in labour-saving equipment for a high-wage, high-skills economy are discouraged from investment when uncontrolled inflows of cheap labour occur.

Uncontrolled emigration from the countries of Eastern Europe is damaging the economies of those countries. The Polish President recently appealed to his fellow countrymen in Britain to consider returning home, to build up their own economy.

The migrants are, for the most part, hard working people who want to make a better life for themselves. They are innocent pawns in a game where they are being used by big business to drive down wages and undermine working conditions, and by the EU institutions, using mass movements of people to break up the solidarity of individual nations and make people feel more European

The EU Decides Who May Come to Britain

Under EU law, the British Government has resigned its most elementary function - the right to decide who may cross our borders and live here.

450 million people can now claim that right - and come here any time they like, and be fully entitled to use our NHS.

The Government's duty of care to its own people must be reasserted to protect the livelihoods and living standards of the British people.

This can only be done by leaving the EU and regaining Britain's independence

(December 2006)