European Union - Enemy of the Environment

Many well meaning people, recognising that major environmental issues can only be dealt with by nations acting in concert, have come to believe that the EU, as a supranational entity, works for progress in the fight against pollution. Nothing can be further from the truth.

How green voters are being cruelly deceived by a corrupt and incompetent organisation:

The Environmental Failures of the EU Include:

Green issues mean nothing to the bureaucratic dictators of Brussels. The democratic deficit within the EU ensures that the concerns of the public are ignored and only the money of the multi-nationals and the desire of bankers to see vast profits made at the expense of the Third World, determines policy.

Only democratic bodies will give Green issues the priority they deserve

The EU is institutionally corrupt and undemocratic in both its structures and its intent. It is nothing more than a vehicle for the political elite to run Europe in their own interests, without the need to be accountable to the people. The lack of democratic control ensures that political lobbyists, paid for by large companies, can persuade bureaucrats to support environmentally damaging schemes. It also ensures that there is no effective means for the wishes of the people to be heard.

The EU is damaging to the peoples of Europe, as it undermines their democracies. Struggling producers in the Third World are seeing their attempts to better their lives destroyed by protectionism enforced by Brussels and the environment of the world is suffering as EU policies and regulations help large companies ignore every consideration except the maximisation of profits

The democratic wishes of the people must be respected. We must ensure that the claims by the EU to be environmentally friendly are exposed as the lies they are

(October 2005)