The EU - the greatest deception in history

One respected author and journalist has described the gradual, but steady, takeover of Britain by the European Union as a slow motion, coup d'etat and this sums up the lies and deliberate deceptions which our political class have used in order to conceal the truth of what was happening from the electorate, while transferring more and more power from to Brussels.

Lies, lies and more lies

Those who wish to see the creation of a single European state have been lying to the people since the project was first conceived. As long ago as June 1947 Peter Thorneycroft MP, Chairman of the ironically named Design for Freedom Committee said

No government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifices which any adequate plan for European Union must involve. The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences, not asked in advance of having received any of the benefits which will accrue to them from the plan, to make changes of which they may not at first recognize the advantage to themselves.

This statement sums up the arrogance of the self interested political class. The EU has not brought, nor will bring, any advantages for the ordinary person. Rather we have seen the destruction of our fishing fleet, the undermining of our industries and the distortion of our agriculture. We face the end of our democracy as we come under the rule of unelected bureaucrats and the final extinction of our nation as an independent state.

We pay billions every year to Brussels in order to help them ruin us!

The lessons of 1975

A government with any belief in democracy would have asked us before signing the Treaty of Rome but the arrogant politicians were determined to have their way. When the 1975 referendum was held it asked whether the British people wished to remain in the EEC and the way in which it was conducted was a disgrace.

Almost every major politician, with a few honourable exceptions, spoke in favour, not revealing to the public that of course they were protecting their own seats on the gravy train. How many of them since have ended up in obscenely well paid posts in Brussels?

There was a ludicrous imbalance in the resources available to the two sides, the Yes campaign receiving over 100 times as much in financial backing.

After allowing each side to send a pamphlet to every household the government took the disgusting decision to send out one of its own, naturally supporting the YesThe press and the media was almost unanimous in their support for a Yes vote

The federalists claimed it was all about matters such as trade, ridiculing the warnings about national sovereignty from the No campaigners, all of which warnings have proved to be true

They won the 1975 referendum but events now reveal the federalists for the liars they were, and are. One hero of the No camp, Eric Heffer MP said then If we hand it entirely to Brussels, we are undoing our own heritage. How right he was.

One last chance

The referendum on the EU Constitution that is now proposed offers the British people one last chance to save their nation from becoming a province of the United States of Europe. We must seize this chance and turn back the tide of Euro Federalism that will otherwise overwhelm us but we will again have to face a barrage of lies from the federalists, who are desperate to complete their plans to create a country called Europe and not to lose their prize at the last moment.

Once bitten, twice shy

The main lesson of 1975 is that the supporters of the single European state will tell any lie, blacken any reputation, promote any deception, in order to achieve their goals. We must prevent the bias of the BBC, combined with the financial resources of the European Commission, seeking to convince the British people that their interest lies in further European integration. We must also fight for equal resources and coverage for those opposed to signing up to whatever misbegotten constitution emerges from the inner chambers of the EU.

If we want to live in freedom and prosperity we must ignore the blandishments of the politicians, who want power without accountability, the bureaucrats, who want to avoid the need to ask elected representatives for approval of their mad schemes and multinationals, who want to lobby easily corrupted officials rather than abide by democratic decisions.

It does not matter what shape the final constitution assumes. It is the mere fact of its existence which spells doom to our independent nation states.

Reject any constitution for Europe - It would be the final betrayal of our democracy

(May 2004)