European defence forces

British Soldiers to be Commanded by Brussels

The federalists are agreed upon another major building block in the creation of the single European state, building their own armed forces


Parliament has never debated this development

No British political party has ever sought the support of the electorate for the formation of an EU Army

Only Parliament should decide where and when armed forces should be sent to fight overseas

The European Army is to be used for peacemaking, in other words, to impose the will of Brussels by force


The European Council only needs a two-thirds majority to initiate military action and any dissenters may not pursue a contradictory independent policy. Romano Prodi, former President of the European Commission, openly admitted that Europe is forging its own government and Army and, in the same statement, he mocked the efforts of the British Prime Minister to deny the truth saying if you do not want to call it a European Army, do notcall it a European Army. You can call it Margaret or Marie-Anne

The British Government has therefore accepted that we shall drift from the American alliance, which has been the backbone of our security policy since World War II. In fact, the creation of this new force is fundamentally anti-American and undermines traditionally good relations Britain has with the United States. The European Army has been condemned by senior military and political figures in Britain, France and the USA. British and French Generals in a joint statement stated: The actions of federalist politicians and technocrats playing at armchair generals, building a fictitious paper army, will only serve to weaken even further our national capabilities to the detriment of our own security and world stability. They should beware: paper tigers burn.

(August 2005)