Political comment from a Eurorealist

I have been a convinced opponent of UK involvement in the European project since it was first mooted and am not a Eurosceptic, which implies doubt not certainty, but a Eurorealist who believes that the EU is bad for the people of the UK, and indeed those of the rest of Europe. In the 1970s I joined 'Operation Out' and helped deliver leaflets for the No campaign in the 1975 referendum. I spent twenty years on the national committee of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, being Chairman of the Campaigning Secretariat for five of those years, was, as membership secretary, on the first national committee of UKIP for five years, belong to the trade union group the Campaign Against Euro Federalism, support the Labour Euro Safeguards Campaign, which works within the Labour party for major changes to the UK's attitude to the EU, and support the Democracy Movement, manning street stalls and delivering leaflets on their behalf. I also provide articles for the Eurorealist bulletin, produced by long time activist Derek Bennett.

On a personal note I spent over forty years working in IT, have been a lifelong trade unionist and am a reader at my local church.

I realise that there are some who genuinely believe that the EU is a benign organisation but I feel that the truth of the aphorisms 'by their fruits ye shall know them' and that 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating', when applied to the European project, both confirm me in my belief that it has proved to be a disaster. It is undoubtedly to the great personal advantage of the political class, bureaucrats, big business and banks but very much the opposite for ordinary people being fundamentally undemocratic, irredeemably corrupt, a failure economically and politically damaging. The people of Southern Europe are being stretched on the rack of the Euro while the wishes of the electorates in all nations involved are ignored in favour of those of unelected Commissioners in Brussels.

As far as the rule of law is concerned we know that the Napoleonic system is the antithesis of our common law yet it is the former which provides the basis of Corpus Juris which is meant to be the means by which justice will be administrated within the intended single European state. Concepts such as habeas corpus, the presumption of innocence and the right of trial by jury will be ignored if this system is implemented and we have already seen how the European Arrest Warrant, beloved by our own political class, has led to blatant miscarriages of justice as British citizens are kidnapped by the authorities and handed over to foreign jurisdictions whose ideas of the rights of the individual are totally dissimilar to ours.

Some of those who may read the articles below may very much disagree with them but I hope that they will treat them as a sincere expression of belief about the EU and the current political scene, albeit often expressed in somewhat forthright terms, and not attempt to read into them a hidden agenda, a charge frequently unfairly levelled against those who reject the consensus concerning the benefits of membership of the EU. Contrary to claims by supporters of the EU those like myself are not motivated by any animus against peoples of other nations but consider that the democracy we have spent so long building is under threat. If the British people had ever wished to replace government by their elected representatives in our own parliament with direction from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels then so be it but I for one do not believe that did and it is certain that they had been given the choice, rather being ushered into the situation by stealth.

Now that the British people have voted to leave the EU we face a battle with the political establishment to ensure that the decision is implemented. The deplorable attempts by those who voted Remain to overturn a democratic decision shows just why they love the EU so much, as its illiberal and undemocratic nature matches their view of the world.


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